Why Passing Information to Your CRM is Crucial

Why Passing Information to Your CRM is Crucial

A hypothetical scenario to demonstrate our point

In order to understand why passing information to your CRM really does matter for your business, imagine for a moment that your call center sells essential oils instead of insurance policies or other products.

When it comes to how people feel about essential oils, there are basically three camps of people.  One group of people is convinced that essential oils are the best thing to ever happen to the wellness industry and champion essential oils as the cure to every problem. The second group of people is simply uninformed about them – they’ve heard about them before, but don’t know a lot about them. Some of them would try them if they knew more, and some would remain uninterested/uninvolved. The third group of people is firmly skeptical about essential oils, as they trust prescription medicine more, and almost nothing would convince them that they work.

Let’s say you get 20 leads from your lead vendor. The only knowledge they give you about these leads is that 15 are inbound leads and 5 are outbound leads. You need to dial each of these leads, and you have an ambitious goal of a 50% closing rate.

Your competitor got the same leads as you did and had the same closing rate goal, but what they also got was detailed information about the leads. They knew exactly what keyword triggered the ads the leads clicks on and what device they accessed it from, as well as what campaign was used to generate the ads. Because they had this information, they were able to position their leads into one of the three groups of people mentioned above and use specific language during their phone calls that catered to how the lead already felt about essential oils.

Who got closer to reaching their goal, you or your competitor?

(Hint: It’s your competitor)

The more information you have, the more you can optimize

In a typical lead vendor relationship, you only get the lead and the lead source. You don’t get to know what ad triggered the click, what landing page the lead came from or explored, any demographic information about the lead. You don’t get the campaign or keyword or ad information; you don’t know what device the lead was using. You’re not flying completely blind, but you really don’t know what the best thing is to say to these leads once you contact them because you don’t know what their attitude is towards your pitch at the point of contact.

When you have the necessary information (like source, campaign, keyword, ad, device, for example – that’s some of the information we give our clients), and pass information to your CRM, you can pump that information and your sales information back into your ad platforms in order to analyze them and segment them further. You can view metrics like time of day, location, and what sources are producing higher volumes of sales. On a deeper level, if your CRM is set up well, you can even see what agents are working what kind of leads better.

And then, when you have the information, you can optimize. You can optimize dialing patterns, connection rates, etc. The information gives you insight into what’s working and what’s not, and gives you the leverage you need to make data-driven changes that will further your business goals (even beyond closing rates).

Does your lead vendor give you what you need?

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