Here’s The Perfect Solution To Not Getting Enough Health Insurance Leads

Here’s The Perfect Solution To Not Getting Enough Health Insurance Leads

If you’re trying to figure out how to get more health insurance leads using Google and Bing, you probably know how search marketing works for your industry and the basic best practices associated with it.

What you may not know is that there are easy strategies that your competitors are implementing that are getting them more business. We’re going to review one of those strategies today and teach you one way that you attract more potential clients. If you want the volume, we know how you can get it.

Ready for it? Here it is:

Target carrier keywords.

That’s it! It’s super simple. Whether or not you actually sell their products, targeting carrier keywords like “aetna major medical” or “cigna medicare supplement” on search engines like Google or Bing means that you can rank in search results when people search for those terms.

If your ad is written correctly, you should be able to attract people who would not have found you through other means. Because here’s the thing you need to remember if you’re going to succeed in health insurance marketing – most people searching online for health insurance plans don’t know who you are. The space is crowded and the average person searching for a plan only knows the major carriers.  Target keywords like “health insurance humana” or “blue cross blue shield health insurance”, etc., and you’ll put yourself in a place to be noticed.

There are several reasons we really like this strategy:

One is that they achieve a cheaper cost per click, which in turn drives a lower cost per lead. Spending less is always a plus.
Two is that typically, when people search for carrier keywords that you target, they’re already in market to purchase a plan and will hone in on what they want. They may be more qualified than if you just targeted general keywords.
Third is that these carrier keywords have high volume, and usually drive a higher percentage of inbound leads.

Here’s the only drawback, and it’s minor: some people won’t read the ad, and will just call thinking that you’re actually the carrier. They’re looking to get help with a customer service issue. We’ve seen that happen so just be prepared!

But don’t abandon general keywords.

However, you can’t rely on only carrier keywords to get you the conversion rate you need; general health insurance keywords convert well and should also be part of your marketing strategy if you’re using Google or Bing. But these have a higher CPC, and typically (not always) have a higher lead cost. That’s why we advocate for targeting carrier keywords. In our marketing, we mix the two in order to get more leads.

For this client, the top two campaigns were targeting carrier keywords. The costs per conversion were 8 and 6, respectively. The third campaign targeted general keywords, and the cost per conversion was 26. Clearly, carrier keywords were the winners.

Want better insurance leads?

What do you think about carrier keywords? Have you experienced the same cost and conversion rate decreases as we’ve seen?

Are you struggling to get the call center volume you need? Do you need more qualified leads?

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