Dialing Patterns for Winners

Shea Antonucci
January 30, 2020

Dialing Patterns for Winners

If you want your call center to grow, you need to focus on improving your strategy. Simply making calls without a goal or a plan in place to reach that goal is not going to get you the results you want.

One of the things you can do to inform your strategy is to look at what companies you want to be more like are doing. Simply put, who are the big players in the space? What are they doing? Then you try that. It’s not a foolproof way to strategize or grow, but the majority of the time, they’re doing what they’re doing because it’s working for them, and it usually can work for you.

We’re a Google Premier Partner who has worked with numerous call centers, and by now we know how to spot the winners from the losers. It’s amazing how many call centers don’t change anything about the way they dial leads and remain baffled by why their closing rate is so low.

If you want to change your closing rate, you have to change the way you dial leads.  

Dialing leads isn’t rocket science, but it is a science, something that can be known and has been tested and can work for you if you do it right. Here are 5 things we see that distinguish successful call centers from struggling ones.

1. Call your leads immediately.

As soon as your lead submits the form, you need to call them – and not the next day. Right away  Data shows that the sooner you call your leads, the more likely they are to connect with you. HubSpot cites the classic Lead Response Management Study, which saw a 400% decrease in success rate when representatives waited more than 9 minutes to follow up with a new lead. The optimal time to call new leads is actually within five minutes. Have your agents stay on top of instantly dialing leads.

2. Disposition the leads correctly.

Make sure your agents don’t dismiss leads. Sometimes agents write off a lead as uninterested and throw them in a discard pile; they don’t get called back, even if they could have been persuaded by an agent who tried harder. That’s a wasted lead that could have become a customer. That same study showed that 30% of leads weren’t even contacted at all. By making more call attempts, a 70% increase in contact rates was achieved. Other studies, including one by Forbes, backs that up. That’s ridiculous. You’re giving up 30% of your potential revenue! Call all of your leads.

3. Dial your leads often.

Big companies will often dial their leads 4-5 times a day for a month straight (that’s based on our own collected data). One report found that representatives on average make 45 dials per day. The more you stay in front of someone, the likelier they are to pay attention to you – that’s psychology, that’s the mere exposure theory. Leads should be dialed at least 6 times (according to the Lead Response study). Increasing the number of touches to 6 increases the likelihood of connecting with a lead by 70%.

4. Control your variables

The best way to optimize, in any situation, is always to know what works and what doesn’t. If your agents aren’t consistent with their script or the way they dial leads, and there are no recognizable patterns you can point to, you’ll have no idea which part of the process is tanking your progress. You need to be able to grade your sources and each part of the lead contacting process. Don’t change too many aspects at once and don’t allow method variety across the board. Keep things simple and keep things unvarying, so you can vary later.

5. Stalk your competitors

You always want to be one step ahead of the competition. If you want to see how other call centers are dialing their leads, or get some inspiration, fill out a form on your competitor’s website and try their process for yourself. (We’ve personally done this and this has really helped us confirm some questions we had about our processes.)

Got questions?

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