New Additions

Our team is growing, and that means more expertise and attention devoted to your campaigns!

Empirical360 is quickly expanding its influence. Our client list is increasing, and that means we had the need and the opportunity to bring on new professionals to join the team! Here’s a little bit about who they are and why we’re excited to have them.


Meet Matt

Matt Adams is our Director of Client Success. 

He joined us a few months ago, and before that worked in sales for his entire career (real estate, medical, marketing, and more). Integrity is at the core of every decision he makes, and he will always put purpose before profit. Matt has an extensive network of contacts and has industry knowledge involving several niches we are looking to dive into, and he knows how to help our clients become better at sales and at online marketing. His greatest sale is signing his beautiful wife Bethany to a lifetime deal. He has one amazing daughter, Arbor, and he is without a doubt the biggest Michigan football fan you will ever meet!

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Meet Shea

Shea Duncan is our Director of Content Marketing. 

She has been working with our team for about a year but recently stepped into a more official role. She has a passion for storytelling and experience in social media management, content writing, brand control, and editing, and will be helping our clients enhance their social media presence and SEO, while making sure we keep you informed of all of our content that will be coming out of our new Content Hub. She’s good at correcting our grammar and telling us to lay off the RedBull. In her free time she enjoys hanging at the beach with family and friends, photographing weddings, and serving at her church!

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