Is Your Business’s Marketing Ready for 2018?

It’s time to get ready for the new year.

Time moves fast, especially in the digital world. You’re about one month away from a brand new year—if you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking about what this new year is going to look like for your marketing efforts.

Here are 5 key things to consider when preparing your online marketing for the new year:

1) Mobile Responsiveness

This one seems obvious, but the amount of businesses that are not paying attention to mobile devices is staggering, so it’s worth a conversation; it is almost 2018. We aren’t in the early 2000s anymore. Did you know that over half of your traffic is coming from a smartphone or tablet? Did you know that, according to comScore’s M-Commerce Report, mobile makes up 21% of online spending? Did you know that users are, according to Google Small Business, five times more likely to leave a site that is not mobile friendly? The statistics are all screaming the same thing—adapt or get left behind. While you don’t want to ignore desktop by any means, put some detailed thought and strategy into your mobile look and function in the new year.

2) Make Sure Your Tracking is in Place

Have analytics be a main focus this upcoming year. You need to know where your traffic is coming from and how it is behaving—if you don’t have the right tracking in place, your decision making in 2018 will not be based on any concrete data, and your marketing performance will plummet. Commit to tracking your customers all the way from before they reach you to the point of sale. If you’re unsure of how to get the proper tracking installed, check out our blog post on 6 Analytics Tools to Measure Website Performance.

3) Set a Budget

If you want to make the most out of your marketing efforts, you need to have a clearly defined financial plan. In case you didn’t this year, take some time to explicitly lay out how much your company is going to set aside to spend on marketing efforts for 2018, and even earmark amounts for each type of campaign (video advertising, mobile marketing, PPC, lead generation, etc.) This will help you see areas where you may need to adjust spending and provide accountability. It will also give data to use for the next time you plan a marketing budget and are trying to decide whether to increase or conserve spending.

4) Diversify Spending

The new year is a time to try new things. Don’t put all of your eggs in the same basket just because it’s what you’ve always done and it’s worked well before. If you pour all of your money into one marketing channel, the law of diminishing returns tells us that at some point your spend will cease to be effective, and you miss potential audience members who are more active on other channels. How’s your social media presence? Are you taking advantage of email marketing? How many marketing channels are you currently running? Establish your goals and don’t be afraid to try new things; just do your research before you jump in headfirst.

2018 could be the best year for marketing yet—the opportunities are endless. Plan ahead and prepare yourself to get results!

Shea Duncan – Author

Lead Content Producer

Shea is an expert content writer and is a classic literary nerd! She loves writing highly engaging content and has a knack for making it convert!

Erik Alicea – Contributor

Co-Founder of Empirical360

Erik is a Co-Founder of Empirical 360 and is all about making campaigns work. He takes a risk adjusted approach in all of his marketing campaigns.