The Most Important Ingredient in Closing a Sale

A basic communication principle that can lead to more deals.

I have worked in sales in some capacity or another for basically my entire adult working life. Long presentations, cold calls, B2B, B2C – you name it, I’ve done it. I have had great experiences of working with people from all professions: engineers, rocket scientists, doctors, nurses, lawyers, hundreds of members of our military, and many more. One of the most influential lessons I have learned from my interactions with all of these unique and diverse groups of people is this:

In order to close the deal, you need to know your audience.

Different people have different expectations. Your prospects may all have the same problem, but that doesn’t mean they expect your solution to be presented the same way to each of them. If you do not account for differences, your communication may be rendered ineffective, and your conversion rates are inevitably going to suffer. For example, engineers like knowing the details and technical specifications your product or service. Moms and dads want to know if your solution is going to make their lives easier or their kids’ lives better (when dealing with parents, the details do not need to be elaborated on as much, so long as you can meet those requirements). Different levels of education, socioeconomic status, gender, ethnic background, and occupation will affect how each person is going to view your pitch. So know your audience, and adjust your pitch accordingly. If you truly want to be great at sales, you need to have an insatiable appetite for getting to know people. Never pre-judge, but always try and focus on what is going to be important to the prospect in front of you.