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How Call-Only Ads Can Be One of the Biggest Revenue Generators for Your Company

Recently, Google Ads rolled out a new option for mobile device campaigns – call-only ads, or ads shown to users when they perform a search on their smartphone that highlights the phone number. The only call to action is to call your business directly by clicking on the ad. According to a study by Invoca, the call intelligence company, more than a third of people searching for a business’s phone number look for less than sixty seconds before abandoning their search and moving on to another company. 80% say that a good experience on the phone makes them more likely to become a repeat customer. So this new ad format is something you should pay attention to! In an increasingly mobile world, your customer’s ability to contact you and hold a conversation is critical to growing your business and increasing your ROI. 

What are the benefits of using call-only ads?

Call-only ads take one step out of the conversion process. Unlike a text ad that contains a call extension, where users have the option of calling or clicking and visiting the site, a call-only ad essentially forces users to convert: the only option is to call. Because callers have high intent to purchase, this can dramatically reduce your lead cost while bringing your conversion rate up, enhancing your ROI.

Are there any downsides?

The nature of these ads can result in many accidental calls. This occurs because people may not realize that they are not being directed to a website and hang up. Additionally, the ad format may not always be served based on the quality score. These ads also don’t result in as much traffic because callers are high intent, so we always recommend running them in addition to text ads and then optimizing for conversions as you view analytics. However, if your business or practice relies on phone calls at all (medical offices especially), the pros outweigh the cons, and you should consider putting these ads into your marketing mix!

How do I create a call-only ad?

See our step-by-step tutorial on creating call-only ads by viewing our video episode on this topic here.

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