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How to Track Offline Sales Using Gclid

How to Track Offline Sales Using Gclid  A Step-By-Step Tutorial What is a Gclid, and why does it matter?This has got to be one of the oddest digital marketing terms in the industry, and one you may not be familiar with. Gclid is short for "Google Click Identifier"....

How to Track Calls In Google Ads

Call Tracking:  A Step-By-Step Tutorial on How to Implement Call Tracking in Google AdsWhat is call tracking, and why is it important?Call tracking (as it pertains to Google Ads) is using specific software to track which phone calls come from user clicks on landing...

Account Management

Account Management How Empirical360 Optimizes Your Campaigns Daily One way we're different than other agencies is that we will be the first to tell you if your campaigns are not performing well.   That's because we want you to really win. Our team sees enormous...

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