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How to Import Google Ad Campaigns to Microsoft Ads

How to Import Google Ads Campaigns to Microsoft Ads An AdNerds Tutorial for Beginners!  Transferring campaigns can save you time, but cost you money if you don't do it correctly.    But why even bother transferring campaigns? Who needs Bing AND Google? If you're...

Why You Should Segment by Match Type

Weighing in on Match Type Segmentation: Our Opinion on an Industry Controversy The team at Empirical360 is extremely passionate about segmentation. We’ve said this before, we’ll say it again, and we’ll continue to communicate it until we see it becomes the norm: you...

How To Track a Thank-You Page

How To Track a Thank-You Page An AdNerds Tutorial for Beginners! (With Guiding Images)   Everything you're currently doing that has to do with your website (including search ads) is essentially useless if you don't know how well it's working.  That's why...

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