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Everything You Need to Know About Target CPA

Everything You Need to Know About Target CPA  What is Target CPA, and why are we talking about it?   Imagine you are an Ecommerce business selling kids' tricycles.  Each tricycle costs you $60 to design, produce, ship, and pay salaries per unit. The sales...

Empirical360 Has Achieved Google Premier Partner Status!

Empirical360 Is Now a Google Premier Partner!We've got BIG news!!!   On Wednesday, Empirical360 officially became a Google Premier Partner!  We found out last week, and our whole team has been celebrating ever since. We could play it cool and tell you that it's a...

Seasonality and PPC Advertising

Seasonality and PPC Advertising 5 Ways to Prepare Your Ads Accounts for Seasonal Change   Being agile is one of the most important qualities for a PPC marketer to have. Clients change their minds, Google changes the rules or the features or the reporting,...

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