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We’ve talked to many business owners who have been burned by other marketing agencies who charged ridiculously expensive fees without getting the real results that they promised.

That’s why we started Empirical360; we knew we could do better, and we have proven that our agency is able to grow clients’ businesses beyond their expectations.

Our company started out as a two-person operation in Erik and Elliot’s home office. In just three years, it has transformed into a rapidly expanding marketing machine. Empirical360 has, since then, managed over $20,000,000 in ad spend. We have partnered with over 100 clients (including notable companies like Aetna and AAA). We now have six employees and a spacious office, and in 2019 we achieved Google Premier Partner status, which places us in the top 3% of advertising agencies worldwide. Our team has the expertise to help connect you with more of your dream customers/clients at a lower lead cost through paid search advertising, search engine optimization and content production, social media marketing, landing page design, and conversion rate optimization.

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From expert ppc hacks to simple guides to optimize your online presence. Our provides genuine insights and updates into the digital marketing landscape.

5 Enviable Landing Page Examples for Lawyers

If you’re an attorney, and you are running Google and Bing ads for your law firm or practice, don’t be deceived; the ad copy and design is what’s going to get you noticed, but your landing page is what’s going to get you clients.

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How Lawyers Can Create Lookalike Audiences For Facebook Ads

What are lookalike audiences, how do they work, and why should you be using them? Lookalike audiences are groups of people who have similar characteristics, or who have behaved similarly, to your existing clients.

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Why Every Lawyer Should Use SKAGs

When you begin creating a legal advertising campaign within Google Ads, Google will assist with set up along the way. At every decision point, they will have suggestions for what you should do.

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Should Lawyers Prioritize PPC or SEO?

SEO or PPC? It’s a big question for lawyers who want more traffic and more leads, especially during the current world state, where COVID-19 has rendered online presence and online marketing more important than ever for all attorneys, regardless of size or specialty.

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How Lawyers Can Use Call-Only Ads To Get More Phone Calls & Lower Costs

Legal PPC is extremely expensive because the competition is so high. Luckily for attorneys looking to advertise using search engines, Google Ads has one option that allows lawyers to decrease their lead cost while getting a higher volume of phone calls (which are extremely valuable for most law firms).

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8 Reasons Why Attorneys Should Outsource Their Legal Marketing

It’s 2020, and digital marketing for attorneys is more important than ever (it was already necessary, but the coronavirus crisis just made digital marketing that much more crucial to your firm’s survival, and law firms across the world will likely be seeing impacts of this unique time for years to come).

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